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When the food is this good, THE FOOD IS THE STAR.. Seamus Quinn

Welcome to San Pasqual Tex Mex Grill. A small independent restaurant located on the Main Street of Clane Co. Kildare. The restaurant has been open since December 14th, 2018. On Friday and Saturday evenings it is  transformed from The Anteaque Cafe into the restaurant.

San Pasqual Tex Mex is the love child of  Yvette Martinez-Eiffe and Karen Molloy- Egan.

In 2015,The Antea-que Coffee Shop was opened by Karen to provide a casual place for locals to meet up for a coffee and home style food, with a very homely atmosphere and decor.

Around the same time Yvette started San Pasqual Sweets and Pastries specialising in international influenced baked goods and was supplying the cafe with all the baked goods and breads.

In January 2018 Karen and Yvette decided to merge the two business into one and open up during the weekend evenings serving authentic Tex- Mex food.

Yvette originates from Texas of Mexican parents, who also owned a Mexican restaurant.  With their team of staff, which includes two of her daughters, they are working to create food that combines traditional Mexican family recipes with local Irish produce and meats.

From freshly made corn tortillas, salsas, ice cream, deserts, cajeta(caramel),breads down to the hibiscus syrup used to make margaritas, they are all made on the premises by the talented staff at San Pasqual Tex-Mex.


Who is San Pasqual ?

Paschal Baylon was born in 1540.
The son of Spanish peasants, Pasqual worked as a shepherd. When he was 24, Pasqual was received as a lay brother among the Franciscan friars. In the cloister, his duties were to prepare meals and keep the kitchen clean. Pasqual found cooking to be meditative, and discovered that he could be deep in prayer and still prepare food. He is the Patron Saints of Cooks and Kitchens in Latin American countries.

Regardless of your faith, the story of San Pasqual resounds in all of us who love to cook: It’s the story of a person who found a sense of divine purpose simply by preparing food for others.